NO!! I Don’t Have An Inner Child!!

Is the phrase, ‘Inner Child’ off-putting, ridiculous, insane, or silly sounding? Many say, “I was a kid this many years or this many decades ago, what has Inner Child to do with me now?! I Don’t have an Inner Child! I don’t want an Inner Child!” Well, to soften this phrase, make this concept more palatable, more metabolizable, more playful, may we imagine another view?

I invite you to consider that “Inner child” is the Original You, the deepest part of you that is Innocent, Curious, Golden; the KNOWING part, aka Inner Compass, Inner Guide, Gut Feeling, Deepest Self, Felt Sense, Intuition, etc. Without getting to woo on the subject, Inner Child is the part of you that is True Self; some even go so far as to KNOW their Inner Child as LOVE.

And Inner Child sand boxing, as I call it, is stripping down, getting psychologically naked, going back to the beginning of where this life-thing all began; playing with and sifting through and reseeing how those who raised us may have missed the ‘good enough parenting‘ memo (more on this in a later article), and may have unwittingly (or not), marinated us in shame and or guilt and or fear and or abandonment instead of Love and Trust and Acceptance.

And if you’ve read this far and still doubt the existence of Inner Child, that’s okay. Curiosity is a hallmark essential in shifting our thinking and perspective of our own life experience. Congratulations! I commend you for having the boundless curiosity of a child, the inborn immutable part that was and is whole and complete, the Power-Part of you that can lead you to heal and recover that Intangible Essence and Unique Life Force that is in all of us. So whether you’re nineteen or ninety, there is an ageless Inner Child you still carry within. She or he is the most potent Muse of all.

I wish for you everything ~ Love ~ Amy

Photo by Imani Clovis on Unsplash

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