Amanda Jaine, CLC

Amanda is a Certified Life Coach.  She is working on her Bachelors Degree in Social Work, she has a Liberal Arts Degree, as well as a specialized Paralegal Degree.  While working in the legal field Amanda found she was spending a large amount of time counseling clients, and realized it was something she had a strong passion for.

Drawing from her vast experiences in life, Amanda relates to her clients on many levels.  Amanda is happy to work with clients regarding any issues, but works especially well with clients dealing with depression, narcissistic abuse, postpartum depression, and adult children of alcoholics.   Amanda is a strong, compassionate, and positive life coach, who is committed to helping her clients overcome difficult circumstances so that they may live their best life possible. 

In her free time Amanda loves to be with her family and friends, read, go on long bike rides, swim, scrapbook, and do DIY projects.